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It’s Raining Men!

To celebrate our five years of brolly bag bliss, we have decided to launch a men’s collection. While we have focused on keeping ladies handbags dry from rainwater and umbrellas safe and secure in cute brolly bags, the men of the world were missing out. After seeing several men on the London Underground with wet umbrellas dripping everywhere, or shoving them into plastic shopping bags, we thought — “Hey — we need a men’s range!”

Our first men’s collection is now available to order, and we are delighted to offer the inaugural four styles that can represent any man’s personality. From the professional to the artistic, these are sure to enhance any rainy day.

We have specifically designed these bags to be a little longer to accommodate the medium umbrellas that gentlemen typically carry.

This means that you now have a unique gift option for that hard to buy boss, partner or friend. We would love to hear your feedback — give us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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Ready for Valentine’s Day?

February is the month of love —- and we love rain! While there is a custom to give a gift of flowers, candy, chocolate or a card to express your love for Valentine’s Day, we discovered another tradition. In Norfolk, there was a character called Jack Valentine who knocked and left sweets, but the story didn’t last long because the children became scared of him.
Over the years, February and Valentine’s Day have morphed into new traditions, including Single Person’s Day on the 13th and Anti-Valentine’s Day on the 15th. But we think that if you are going to show someone you care about them, it should be to keep them out of the rain — with a brolly bag!
As we prepare for our Spring Collection, we have a few limited edition bags available, and a few in red, pink or white! Have a look, because giving someone a one-of-a-kind gift will definitely increase your value in the love or friendship department!
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Dry January — not for us!

Dry January —— many people are choosing not to drink in January in order to clean out their liver from all of the festive holidays. But when we hear Dry January — we think —- “oh no!” We want it to be wet, wet , wet…… but that refers to the weather!!
London has been experiencing a very mild winter this year, so far. January has seen the lowest temperatures so far, but we tend to get colder in February… much colder before it starts to warm up again. This, of course, can bring rain with it — and that works for us!!
We are starting to plan and produce our new Men’s Collection, which we aim to have out in February/March. This is our first venture into the men’s accessories, but with so many requests from clients, we knew this was the right time. Our goal is to no longer see a gentleman wearing a beautiful suit or looking dapper, only to spoil their outfit with a wet umbrella dangling from their wrist. We have also spotted on the tube men attempting to protect their wet brolly with a plastic bag from a grocery store. Again, we feel this ruins the look!
Until next month, we wish you a rainy January!!!
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Getting ready for Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas we have been busy attending Fairs including the Country Living Fair London. Brolly Bags have been very popular with all ages as more and more people realise they need one and ours look so much prettier than just a plastic bag! During the last few weeks we took the opportunity to ask our customers their views on our Brolly Bags.  We were fascinated to hear that they had become multipurpose accessories.  One lady living in the Caribbean liked them so much, but bought one for her wet swimwear.

Our customers appreciate our London Brolly Bags unique designs and their great functionality and size.

They are the ideal  unusual Christmas gift for.those who have everything!

Buy your Christmas gifts at the London Brolly Bag Company.