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Dry January — not for us!

Dry January —— many people are choosing not to drink in January in order to clean out their liver from all of the festive holidays. But when we hear Dry January — we think —- “oh no!” We want it to be wet, wet , wet…… but that refers to the weather!!
London has been experiencing a very mild winter this year, so far. January has seen the lowest temperatures so far, but we tend to get colder in February… much colder before it starts to warm up again. This, of course, can bring rain with it — and that works for us!!
We are starting to plan and produce our new Men’s Collection, which we aim to have out in February/March. This is our first venture into the men’s accessories, but with so many requests from clients, we knew this was the right time. Our goal is to no longer see a gentleman wearing a beautiful suit or looking dapper, only to spoil their outfit with a wet umbrella dangling from their wrist. We have also spotted on the tube men attempting to protect their wet brolly with a plastic bag from a grocery store. Again, we feel this ruins the look!
Until next month, we wish you a rainy January!!!