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Ready for Valentine’s Day?

February is the month of love —- and we love rain! While there is a custom to give a gift of flowers, candy, chocolate or a card to express your love for Valentine’s Day, we discovered another tradition. In Norfolk, there was a character called Jack Valentine who knocked and left sweets, but the story didn’t last long because the children became scared of him.
Over the years, February and Valentine’s Day have morphed into new traditions, including Single Person’s Day on the 13th and Anti-Valentine’s Day on the 15th. But we think that if you are going to show someone you care about them, it should be to keep them out of the rain — with a brolly bag!
As we prepare for our Spring Collection, we have a few limited edition bags available, and a few in red, pink or white! Have a look, because giving someone a one-of-a-kind gift will definitely increase your value in the love or friendship department!