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Never forget your darling Mother

This year, Mother’s Day in the UK falls on Sunday 31 March, and each year it moves around the calendar. Why? Well, it is always celebrated for three weeks before Easter. The original meaning was not your parent, but in reference to your “mothering church”. Christians who were serving in large homes and estates (like in Downton Abbey), would be allowed time away to go back to their hometown or village to worship in their mothering church. Of course, this is also an opportunity to visit their families.

Today we celebrate our mothers by showering them with gifts and making sure they can have a nice Sunday off. Popular choices include breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates, a handmade card, or even just a chance to not do the normal chores around the house.

Many of our brolly bags are designed with mothers in mind. After all, they are durable for the on-the-go mum, they come in a variety of colours and patterns, and they are practically perfect in every way!