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Rain is lucky — don’t be foolish!

Rain is lucky, wet brolly dry brideHappy April Fool’s Day! Some feel that a rainy day can be a terrible omen. Not true!! Rain on a wedding day is lucky in many cultures. As April Showers begin to fall, perhaps you need to look out for signs of good luck. We have discovered a few for you.
The Chinese deem seeing bats as a lucky sign for abundant wealth, and seeing five is even more prosperous. The Irish use a four leaf clover, while the English see a horseshoe as lucky. In the United States of America, some farmers will display a star on their barn for luck. If Germans spot a ladybug, this is a good omen.
The number 8 is a lucky number in China, and most umbrellas have 8 points! The design of an umbrella has often been attempted to be improved upon, but many have failed. In fact, it is said that the US Patent Office has 120,000 entries with the word umbrella, including dog umbrellas!
But we don’t think the design needs improving. We just think you need to keep your brolly in a bag, so that the rain is trapped, and you and your belongings stay dry!

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