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Positivity is also a virus!

During this time, when COVID-19 is causing havoc on our normal lives, it is important that we all remain safe, calm, and healthy. While this can be a serious illness, it is also important that we take precautions best suited to our own needs. It is also important that we remember to enjoy life. Part of being healthy is to have a good laugh.

With this in mind, we would like to create a Coronavirus inspired checklist:

C – clean your phone! Remember that germs are everywhere, and your phone is often neglected. So be sure to give it a wipe down each day with an anti-bacterial wipe!

O – open a window! Fresh air is vital for good health, and if you have been keeping the cold weather out, fling open a window and get the stale air out!

R – remember to wash your hands often! It’s been in the news, so we won’t remind you how to do it!

O – organise yourself! Keep a “corona box” by the door with your hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes and other items that will help you feel confident as you leave for the day.

N – never jump to conclusions! Regular flu has similar symptoms to Coronavirus, so don’t self-diagnose.

A – analyse the facts! Don’t get caught up in the panic, just know who is vulnerable and protect them and yourself!

V – vitamins! Remember that good health will keep you safe, and if you contract the virus, you can recover!

I – immunity! Zinc in particular is known for booting your immune system, so look into taking this as part of your vitamins. (we are not doctors, so you need to investigate if this is right for you)

R – rest at home if you are feeling unwell. You might not need to ‘self-quarantine’, but if you are working too hard, resting is good recovery for your immune system to stay in full operation.

U – understand what to do in the event that you do not feel well. Contact the NHS helpline (or your local helpline) and follow any instructions provided before going to the emergency room or doctor’s office.

S – smile! The sun is shining, and there is a theory that when the weather warms up, we could see a decline in this outbreak!