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In Love with the Rain

Many people find the rain to be annoying or inconvenient. They frown at the forecast, pout at precipitation, and damn the downfall. Yes, it can be a little cumbersome to have to prepare to walk outside in wet weather, but there is something quite cozy about a cloud forming above. Walking around under an umbrella, you are almost living in your own little world. Spy a blade of grass soaking up the water, splash a little harder in that puddle if you are wearing waterproof boots. There are little bits of happiness that can come from a rainy day if you know where to look. 

This year, we are super happy about rain, umbrellas and our brolly bags, too! After a bit of decluttering, we are pleased to have a refresh of the website where you can browse our stock in four categories. Fun & Floral is our main stock, where you can browse some of our new and most popular designs. Fabulous is full of over the top designs that are perfect for the friend who has everything or the fashionista in your life. Dapper is our men’s range, launched last year, with longer designs to accommodate the umbrellas often carried by men. Finally, you’ll love combing through our Last Chance section as we clear out stock to make room for new bags in 2020. 

Be sure to browse around and give us your feedback. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.Seven fabulous brolly bags