Gummy Bear Brolly Bag


Fun and colourful red brolly bag with a green cord

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This fun red Gummy Bear Brolly Bag means that you never again have to put your wet umbrella in your handbag or raincoat pocket!

The London Brolly Bag prides itself in making all our Brolly Bags lovingly here in England.

——One Of A Kind Design——

This casual collection uses a lovely cotton fabric with a thick waterproof lining, making it the perfect accessory for rainy days.

Easy to store or fold away in your bag – it also has a drawstring handle so it can be carried easily.


25 cm x 11 cm*
The Brolly Bags are made to fit the classic telescopic/standard umbrella.

——Personalised Orders——

We would be delighted to customise our brolly bags to fit your specific requirements. Please contact The London Brolly Bag Company team for more information.


*As each product is handmade dimensions may vary slightly.