Our Story

In 2013, I met up with a dear friend for coffee and a chat. It had been pouring outside and she arrived, but shoved her umbrella in her raincoat pocket. She said, “I wish I had something to put this in, because my pockets always fill up with water.” Sure enough, even putting it in her handbag would make everything wet. Knowing that I love to design accessories, she asked me to find her a solution. After a few months of testing different approaches, it was at the beginning of 2014 that we finally came up with a prototype.

We saw much success with our initial designs, and in flooded numerous requests to come up with brolly bags suitably glamorous for special occasions. Our first collection was born! Beautiful, elegant materials with charming embellishments became a must-have for bridal parties and ladies attending evening events on rainy nights.

We then began designing our fun London Scenes range, where you’ll find some wonderfully patriotic prints and recognisable London themes. Our range has now increased to showcase our Best Sellers, highlight our Limited Editions, and more.

Beautiful Fabrics

We source our fabrics from all over the world, and all of our bags are handmade in England.

Fully Waterproof

Our bags are lined and locked so that any residual rainwater stays inside. Simply turn inside out to dry.

One Of A Kind

We often make our bags unique to each other through various embellishments. This means no two bags are alike!

Brolly Shame

Don’t be caught carrying your wet brolly in an old shopping bag again!

We hope you enjoy looking through our collections. Please contact us for further information. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Angela and the London Brolly Bag team